Create your own cloud with SydeCloud

You only pay 229$ per year for the license and maintenance of ARCHANGEL PICCOLO which will protect up to ten connected devices.

You receive the ARCHANGEL PICCOLO box and the SST (Secure Transmission System) license free of charge to protect your data during their transfer.

Your files and documents are safely stored in your home.


On-premise Cloud

Store your data in your own on-premise Cloud that you can build with SydeCloud:

Online file sharing is FREE.

You only pay ARCHANGEL METAL BOX BA 97 which will protect up to 100 connected devices and one year of license and maintenance for only 2.759$ the first year (that is to say less than 2.30$ per month per device) and only 1.049$ (mean less than 0.90$ per item per month) the following years.

ARCHANGEL METAL BOX BA 97 contains the SST© server that will protect your data.

If you need to protect more than 100 devices or even less, contact us for our prices. We regularly protect up 3.000 connected devices.

Contact us for solutions customized to your needs

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